I love to travel; and I love to write.

My dream is to combine travel and writing. I think it would be amazing to be paid to travel the world and write about it.

But until that happens, I will just have to be satisfied with paying for my own travel, and between that and work (absolutely fundamental to funding my travel), I will write about my experiences and share them with you.

Keep an eye on this page for updates. However, to kick things off I’ve added some links to some of my travel writing and piccies.

In 2014 my husband and I took five months off work and travelled through Europe. I kept a journal, and most of that is posted on this page:

Jan’s journal 

In 2017 Mum, my niece Danielle, and I went to Viet Nam. I was so busy having massages and being a tourist that I didn’t have time to keep my journal, but I did take many hundreds of photos. Here’s a selection:

Viet Nam 2017